Top 6 Dragons of DragonVale Game

dragons in dragonvale game

Here you are, looking for guidance to breed your dragons. You must be playing Dragon Vale almost all the time. And that is why you are so interested in knowing about the breeding method of single ones.

We are not going into the breeding process of the elementary ones as you have to buy them using your game coins.

  1. Abyss Dragon-

Habitats: Water, Dark; Incubation time: 7.5 hours

  • This dragon can travel beyond the Rift area where there is darkness.
  • Breeding combinations: Lotus and Ooze, Light and Ooze, Dark and Rust, Spark and Water, Plasma, and Wraith.
  1. Acid Dragon-

Habitats: Metal, dark, Incubation time: 8 hours

  • Spend 1100 gems to buy this one.
  • Breeding combinations: fungus and ironwood, Light and Promethium, Promethium and radiant, Dark and Radiant.
  1. Air Dragon

Habitat: Air; Incubation time: 2 hours

  • You will love these smart dragons which can eat, sleep, and play in the air continuously without touching the ground ever.
  • Breeding combination: water and Fire
  1. Alpenglow Dragon

Habitats: Rift, Earth, Light; Incubation time: 48 hours

  • The buying price is very high, at 222 gems but you don’t need to worry when you have dragonvale cheats with you.
  • Breeding combination: must have a mix of light, earth, am Rift elements with one lightning trait.
  • You will be able to breed this particular dragon only in the rift.
  1. Amber Dragon

Habitat: Gemstone; incubation time: 30 hours 26 minutes.

  • You will be happy to now that it was first found in the Drakar forest.
  • The particular species is the oldest specimen of the dragons.
  • Breeding combination: Quake and Evergreen
  1. Amethyst Dragon

Habitat: gemstone; Incubation time: 28 hours

  • The Buy-it price for the dragon is 1500 gems which are quite expensive
  • You have to breed the dragon as you should not spend so many gems to purchase the dragon.

Breeding combination: Sonic and Hail, but only during the February month

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