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IMVU Beginner’s Tutorial

imvu beginners tutorial

We have received a few comments from our reader stating about the complicated process to start IMVU. Here we provide beginners guide which caters for the kick-off activities in the game.

Sign Up and Registration

You can see a page displaying males and females characters as soon as you enter the IMVU Registry page. You will have to register the account and take one name for your avatar after this stage. A crisp and short avatar name is always favourable as it can get the attention of other players. To obtain free 1500 credits, you need to link the email id to your IMVU account.

Once you complete all these formalities and choosing your character name, you will be redirected to another page. Till this step, you have to be on the webpage of IMVU.

Download IMVU

The next page will provide you with the link to download IMVU Mobile n your desired System. You can play the game in Windows, Android or iOS.

You will get to see the IMVU user login window when the installation is complete. The IMVU client is the app that is installed on your device, and you can play the game through it.  It is the 3D chatroom where you can take part in chats with another user. Also, you can change the dress of your avatar, build your own spaces, and many more. Log in with the user name of your account.

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Dress Up

Dress Up is the platform to make your avatar look like the way you choose from the various customisation options. You can change your personality, clothing, hair, makeup, fingernails here as well. You can select any of the available options and alter to create your favourable character. There are even adjustments to the skin tones also.

You too have a set of choices over the main screen tab. Through these set dressing options, more classes and types will be revealed. You may go to Special Occasions, for example. You could dress up here for a wedding or a day at the beach. Cosplay, Endless summer, what’s hot, Furdom, the Dark Side and Street Swang are some of the favourable choices available here.

My Profile

That is the little piece of Intro card of yours. Clicking on your avatar will give you the chance to see this screen. Also, you can change it as you like. It contains some of your introduction, Likes, Interests, and shows your relationship status also.


IMVU credits are the game currency you require to unlock various elements. As the Dressup is free, many of the other items are not so. To get these features, you have to spend credits. Also, you will receive credits differently. Make sure to get some legal imvu cheats to earn free credits in imvu now.


You have to spend real money to continue enjoying all IMVU feature. Don’t worry too much like this if you don’t want to spend it. But, if you pay the cash, you can earn unlimited IMVU Credits. Credits are the currency that you and your friends can use on, while promo credits are points that IMVU has awarded you and could only be used on your own.