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Episode Choose Your Story Tips and Hacks When You are Out of a Ticket

episode choose your story tips and tricks

Episodes: choose your story is a crucial narrative game. It is one of the best simulation game which has created a difference by combining storytelling and interactive gaming.

You create stories through the version of a characterized life called Mona.

But due to the freemium model, you will require tickets to play the game. Tickets are auto-renewed, but that takes time.

So when you are strictly playing solo without spending any money, you will be in position when you cannot create any gameplay.

We have tips also what you can do at that time. Follow this article which is meant for the free to play gamers.

Episode Extra Tickets

The first tip, therefore, includes ways to get additional tickets. You will receive an instant request to evaluate when you open episodes.

You will receive three additional tickets if you rate the game. So every time you log in, you can replicate it to receive more tickets.

Moreover, for gems; one can find out the best way on how to get free gems in episode game legally using in-game methods and tricks.

Episode Story Tips

The next is the tips for the episode through a third-party app. In addition to Episodes, you will learn a great deal about Episode Cheats when you download the app Episode Cheats.

The app only demonstrates you examples of cases which can actually occur in episodes. It will give you a little inside look to make yourself more competitive so that you can play the game as you like.

It will show things like reactions to a game testing segment or even explain how to skip over the advertisements in order to concentrate on the plot.

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Ways of Playing Episodes

That next is if you are at a time when it seems to become a plot point, but you’re running out of tickets. There is an app known as the Story Guide that contains several videos people took from stories.

It helps you to view videos of the game’s events, so you can see the rest without tickets; though the disadvantage is that you can’t make any decisions. You experience the story play like somebody else has done it.

Episode Waiting for Tickets

What should you do while you wait to receive your tickets? There’s a tab in the left corner at the bottom of your screen that tells you to build that becomes helpful in this stalemate condition.

You may write your first story by clicking on it. It helps you to configure it in various ways, such as the venue, multiple characters and even your conversation.

It’s a fun, innovative little feedback that you can spend time in the game. This is a great chance to reconnect with your peers by expressing your knowledge and telling stories.

Wrap up

Finally, we suggest playing the game in two contemporary accounts. It will allow you to utilise the best of the game timing when you become out of a ticket. You can play the second one. In such cases, choose different stories and play the game.