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Top 6 Dragons of DragonVale Game

dragons in dragonvale game

Here you are, looking for guidance to breed your dragons. You must be playing Dragon Vale almost all the time. And that is why you are so interested in knowing about the breeding method of single ones.

We are not going into the breeding process of the elementary ones as you have to buy them using your game coins.

  1. Abyss Dragon-

Habitats: Water, Dark; Incubation time: 7.5 hours

  • This dragon can travel beyond the Rift area where there is darkness.
  • Breeding combinations: Lotus and Ooze, Light and Ooze, Dark and Rust, Spark and Water, Plasma, and Wraith.
  1. Acid Dragon-

Habitats: Metal, dark, Incubation time: 8 hours

  • Spend 1100 gems to buy this one.
  • Breeding combinations: fungus and ironwood, Light and Promethium, Promethium and radiant, Dark and Radiant.
  1. Air Dragon

Habitat: Air; Incubation time: 2 hours

  • You will love these smart dragons which can eat, sleep, and play in the air continuously without touching the ground ever.
  • Breeding combination: water and Fire
  1. Alpenglow Dragon

Habitats: Rift, Earth, Light; Incubation time: 48 hours

  • The buying price is very high, at 222 gems but you don’t need to worry when you have dragonvale cheats with you.
  • Breeding combination: must have a mix of light, earth, am Rift elements with one lightning trait.
  • You will be able to breed this particular dragon only in the rift.
  1. Amber Dragon

Habitat: Gemstone; incubation time: 30 hours 26 minutes.

  • You will be happy to now that it was first found in the Drakar forest.
  • The particular species is the oldest specimen of the dragons.
  • Breeding combination: Quake and Evergreen
  1. Amethyst Dragon

Habitat: gemstone; Incubation time: 28 hours

  • The Buy-it price for the dragon is 1500 gems which are quite expensive
  • You have to breed the dragon as you should not spend so many gems to purchase the dragon.

Breeding combination: Sonic and Hail, but only during the February month

Simcity Buildit Strategies to Earn Currency

simcity buildit strategy

Games are developed day by day by different IT companies. All companies are trying to provide a different type of entertaining content by developing best game. Electronic Arts get success in this thing by introducing the SimCity game series.

This particular series includes numerous games but SimCity BuildIt is one of the best. In game, players are required to build a beautiful city and put efforts in its development. Players are playing the role of mayor in the game. The position of mayor brings lots of responsibilities for the players.

While playing the game you are able to add numerous building such as; casinos, bus stands, airports and so on. Players should place these buildings by following a proper and effective strategy of playing game. Implement a strategy by which your city grows in a good manner and becomes helpful in earning huge amount of currency.

Activities those are performed by you and other citizens are completely related to real world. You are facing all problems similar to real life issues. On the other hand, you also get real-life perks in virtual world.

Important Thing to Get Success in Game

When you are playing the game in that condition, first of all, you should think about the happiness of citizens. In the language or way of game, citizens are considered as the sims. There are different ways available by which you keep the sims happy. So, you should try the best and choose suitable & easiest way to completing this task.

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For the happiness of city’s population player should build new buildings like parks for their fun and entertainment. During the development or growing time period of city you are required to check out the other sims are happy with it or not.

If you are placing industries or other types of factories near residential areas then the smell and pollution of these building affect the lifestyle of citizens. This decision leads to unhappiness among them and it may affect your sources of earning and some other things.

You should place these building far from the city or residential area. The residents need police station, fire station and other kinds of buildings those facilitate them or help them in different situations.

How to do Development of the City?

Factories or industries those are established help you a lot in collecting necessary things such as; minerals, seeds, metal and other requirements. With the help of these things, you are also able to earn a good amount of currency.

No! Earning currency does not mean to use any unethical way, you should use only legal in-game ways to earn em. Also, do not fall for generators or hacks as they are fraud. Know more about simcity buildit free simcash generator that is trending a lot nowadays.

There are very less sources available those are helpful in collection of resources. It is also a reason that’s why players face lack of resource. The use of legit SimCity BuildIt hack is only way by which you can gather sufficient amount of currency without any problem.

By using this currency you should replace the equipment and old machinery of industries with new & effective one. This step will increase the efficiency of factories and you will definitely get numerous beneficial outcomes.

Earn Jackpot Party Casino Coin and Take Part in Tournaments

jackpot party casino free coins guide

Every casino game lover wants to go Vegas to play at their casinos. The casino is Vegas are very hue and attractive, and if you are also willing to get the same experience, then you can try Jackpot Party Casino.

Millions of people play casino games, and some people win, and some people lose, but it is the experience that keeps the players stick to the game. In the mobile gaming industry, Jackpot Party Casino is also the exact game that can provide the same experience of Vegas casinos, and there is no doubt about it.

In the game Jackpot, Party Casino players can win lots of coins and take part in several tournaments as well. Every player who plays Jackpot Party Casino has the same intention to earn money, and in the game, they can have it all if they play every competitive match perfectly.

You can earn a huge amount of money if your lock support; otherwise, you just can win an average number of money amount.

Earn coins in Jackpot Party Casino

In the casino games, winning money is important, and without winning the money, players can’t do anything. In order to earn money, players have to know that from what sources and modes of the game can provide a huge number of money in a short time.

With the help of spinning the slot machine, you can easily win lots of money, but in that condition, you also have to know that how much money you are spending and how much you are getting in the loss.

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The majority of time, while playing the slot machine, players doesn’t get their focus on how much money they are spending and how much they are losing, and later it becomes the reason of having short money.

If you want to earn money in Jackpot Party Casino, then you have to know every detail of your money, and winning the money from slot machines can be possible. There is a great guide mentioned on earning game currencies in jackpot party casino game, here is its link for you: (

Play competitive matches with friends

Playing with friends can be very entertaining and beneficial, too, because Jackpot Party Casino allows the players to earn money even if they are playing with friends. In the competitive matches, you have to do little struggle in winning, but when you win the match, you will feel like you have won the casino of Vegas, which is really a great thing.

Play the tournaments in Jackpot Party Casino

Tournaments happen in Jackpot Party Casino so many times, and every week they just happen. It allows the players to take part in it and you can easily win lots of money without making much effort.

In the tournament matches, there are higher chances of winning because the opponent has the same chances that we have, and it is like 50/50 luck for both sides. That is why the majority of players In Jackpot Party Casino prefer to play tournaments because it helps the players to earn faster and better coins in it.

Guns of Glory General Tips You Need To Follow


Guns of Glory is one of the trending MMO battle strategy games getting fame all over the world. in the game; every player needs to follow a particular curriculum such as creating an empire, dragons, troops, training, and trading in the market stalls.

If you are the one who loves to play different battle games with superb gameplay, you should try Guns of Glory once. You need to fight with hundreds of other online players besides the need to protect the empire.

Users can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices without paying any cost. Understanding all fantastic features as well as about game help gamers to explore endless fun and reduce daily life stress quickly.

It’s not an easy task to progress in the game faster as there are many pro players available from which you need to win over them.

Well, with the help of some master tips and tricks, it is possible to grow faster without getting stressed or depressed. The following are some general tips as per rarity that you need to follow for gaining an array of benefits like no one another can.

Join an alliance

After completing some levels of Guns of Glory, players are allowed to join or create an association. Joining a mighty join helps to gain more rewards, protection, benefits as well as amazing prizes. Join the fabebook account of the game to find other warriors.

They will help you to build your empire faster without spending more effort, time, or money. Also, alliance members help each other to protect the kingdom from an opponent’s attack. Try to join a powerful group as soon as possible without facing more complications.

Collect more resources

The more you collect in-game resources, the higher the number of prizes you can gain besides can perform crafting work faster. There are four primary resources added named- wood, Iron, Silver, and food.

With the help of farming and upgrading, sawmills help you to collect more supplies as soon as possible. Also, there are many ways available in Guns of Glory game to manage these resources, such as sending troops for raids, collecting items, or rewards.

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Daily rewards

Try to login in to the game daily for collecting free rewards. As we mentioned above, it’s not an easy task to manage resources faster, so it’s a great chance to collect wish items.

There is no need to pay any cent for performing this task as it is entirely free. Especially beginners are suggested to log in daily in Guns of Glory game to receive free rewards, items, resources, or bonuses.

Upgrade warehouse more

The warehouse is the place in your kingdom where resources are stored. In the beginning, users create a weak warehouse that cannot face more attacks of opponents.

Upgrading the warehouse more makes it stronger; it means the warehouse can face many attacks without getting damaged. It helps you to save your resources from enemy raids or without losing it.

With the help of in game currencies, gamers ca performs this work efficiently. So, try to upgrade every single item, building timely and wisely.

Reference :-

Episode Choose Your Story Tips and Hacks When You are Out of a Ticket

episode choose your story tips and tricks

Episodes: choose your story is a crucial narrative game. It is one of the best simulation game which has created a difference by combining storytelling and interactive gaming.

You create stories through the version of a characterized life called Mona.

But due to the freemium model, you will require tickets to play the game. Tickets are auto-renewed, but that takes time.

So when you are strictly playing solo without spending any money, you will be in position when you cannot create any gameplay.

We have tips also what you can do at that time. Follow this article which is meant for the free to play gamers.

Episode Extra Tickets

The first tip, therefore, includes ways to get additional tickets. You will receive an instant request to evaluate when you open episodes.

You will receive three additional tickets if you rate the game. So every time you log in, you can replicate it to receive more tickets.

Moreover, for gems; one can find out the best way on how to get free gems in episode game legally using in-game methods and tricks.

Episode Story Tips

The next is the tips for the episode through a third-party app. In addition to Episodes, you will learn a great deal about Episode Cheats when you download the app Episode Cheats.

The app only demonstrates you examples of cases which can actually occur in episodes. It will give you a little inside look to make yourself more competitive so that you can play the game as you like.

It will show things like reactions to a game testing segment or even explain how to skip over the advertisements in order to concentrate on the plot.

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Ways of Playing Episodes

That next is if you are at a time when it seems to become a plot point, but you’re running out of tickets. There is an app known as the Story Guide that contains several videos people took from stories.

It helps you to view videos of the game’s events, so you can see the rest without tickets; though the disadvantage is that you can’t make any decisions. You experience the story play like somebody else has done it.

Episode Waiting for Tickets

What should you do while you wait to receive your tickets? There’s a tab in the left corner at the bottom of your screen that tells you to build that becomes helpful in this stalemate condition.

You may write your first story by clicking on it. It helps you to configure it in various ways, such as the venue, multiple characters and even your conversation.

It’s a fun, innovative little feedback that you can spend time in the game. This is a great chance to reconnect with your peers by expressing your knowledge and telling stories.

Wrap up

Finally, we suggest playing the game in two contemporary accounts. It will allow you to utilise the best of the game timing when you become out of a ticket. You can play the second one. In such cases, choose different stories and play the game.

IMVU Beginner’s Tutorial

imvu beginners tutorial

We have received a few comments from our reader stating about the complicated process to start IMVU. Here we provide beginners guide which caters for the kick-off activities in the game.

Sign Up and Registration

You can see a page displaying males and females characters as soon as you enter the IMVU Registry page. You will have to register the account and take one name for your avatar after this stage. A crisp and short avatar name is always favourable as it can get the attention of other players. To obtain free 1500 credits, you need to link the email id to your IMVU account.

Once you complete all these formalities and choosing your character name, you will be redirected to another page. Till this step, you have to be on the webpage of IMVU.

Download IMVU

The next page will provide you with the link to download IMVU Mobile n your desired System. You can play the game in Windows, Android or iOS.

You will get to see the IMVU user login window when the installation is complete. The IMVU client is the app that is installed on your device, and you can play the game through it.  It is the 3D chatroom where you can take part in chats with another user. Also, you can change the dress of your avatar, build your own spaces, and many more. Log in with the user name of your account.

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Dress Up

Dress Up is the platform to make your avatar look like the way you choose from the various customisation options. You can change your personality, clothing, hair, makeup, fingernails here as well. You can select any of the available options and alter to create your favourable character. There are even adjustments to the skin tones also.

You too have a set of choices over the main screen tab. Through these set dressing options, more classes and types will be revealed. You may go to Special Occasions, for example. You could dress up here for a wedding or a day at the beach. Cosplay, Endless summer, what’s hot, Furdom, the Dark Side and Street Swang are some of the favourable choices available here.

My Profile

That is the little piece of Intro card of yours. Clicking on your avatar will give you the chance to see this screen. Also, you can change it as you like. It contains some of your introduction, Likes, Interests, and shows your relationship status also.


IMVU credits are the game currency you require to unlock various elements. As the Dressup is free, many of the other items are not so. To get these features, you have to spend credits. Also, you will receive credits differently. Make sure to get some legal imvu cheats to earn free credits in imvu now.


You have to spend real money to continue enjoying all IMVU feature. Don’t worry too much like this if you don’t want to spend it. But, if you pay the cash, you can earn unlimited IMVU Credits. Credits are the currency that you and your friends can use on, while promo credits are points that IMVU has awarded you and could only be used on your own.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Tips and Tricks to Know!

hill climb racing 2 tips and tricks

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the game which was recently launched by Fingersoft, and it includes under the category racing games.

It is a racing game in which players have to complete various types of races and also on different levels. In the same game, there are lots of events, objectives, challenges present which gamers need to complete as to go ahead in it.

One of the main things is that players have to learn everything about Hill Climb Racing 2 to go ahead in it.

Also, if players of Hill Climb Racing 2 have to make progress in it, then they have to make use of some tips and tricks present.

Therefore, in the same article, there are some useful tips and tricks given which gamers need to know and then apply them when playing Hill Climb Racing 2 –

  • Choose the best car – One should know that they simply go ahead in the game by winning more numbers of races. They win more races by having the best and fastest car among all.
  • Try to collect more big coins – In Hill Climb Racing 2 is contains various types of currency in it, and among all types of currency the best is big coins. Players have to try their best to collect more and more big coins to perform all tasks and activities properly.
  • Use cheats and hack option – Gamers have to know that they are free to make use of the cheats as well as hack option in the game to get everything they want. Know how to hack hill climb racing 2 game legally.

So, these are the best 3 tips and tricks which every single player should know. They have to apply them in the game to play it easily.

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How to Earn Currency in Hill Climb Racing 2? Easy 4 Methods

Well, it is a major aspect to focus on i.e., How to earn currency in the game and also in all forms? One of the main things is that players easily earn currency in it by various methods. Gamers easily coins, gems, and diamonds in good amount and also with rewards by fair methods as well as unfair methods.

In the same post, there are various types of methods present, and those are described later in the article.

Before the same one should know that they easily have to know how they easily earn currency in all types.

Below are some main methods by which players easily get coins, gems and diamonds in Hill Climb Racing 2 –

  1. Gamers also have to know that they easily get currency in the game in all types by completing more numbers of events, objectives, and challenges in it. The same method also provides them with currency and rewards.
  2. Also, gamers have to know that they can use simply currency in all forms by buying them from in-app purchases feature.
  3. In Hill Climb Racing 2, gamers also get coins, gems, and diamonds by watching more and more advertisements in it.

So, these are the best 4 methods by which players easily Hill Climb Racing 2 and also by it playing Hill Climb Racing 2 easily.

Final words

Finally, the game about which you are talking here is the best and most popular racing game. In the game, there are various classic features present, and all players have to learn these features to play the game in an appropriate manner.

Also, when they play the game after understanding all things, then they easily play Hill Climb Racing 2.

Monster Legends Hack : Amazing Method to Play The Game

monster legends hack

There are loads of impressive options available when you are looking for monster legends hack.

Monster Legends is the perfect option if you are in love with Monsters and want to use that in your favor.

With the help of this hacking tool, you can gather new monsters and even establish the distinctive skills for winning the latest or advanced steps.

You can help in producing the best world on behalf of the current distinctive habitats. I was a bit skeptical when it comes to this hacking tool.

But, when I first started using it, I know its specialty and can work on the best service.

Get the chance to expand your business:

With the help of this hacking tool, I can always enjoy the chance to expand my business to a whole new level.

I get the chance to unlock new monsters by proceeding further to the next stages. Not only that, but I got the chance to buy coins, gold, and even food for my monsters.

The more I fed them the stronger my monster gets and that helps in addressing the chances well.

It was a win-win situation for me and I could not be happier finding perfect monster legends cheats for my use.

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Things to procure:

I was quite happy when I first came to learn more about the hacking tool. But before I thought of using it, I ensure to check the working values of the terms first.

I even thought of checking on the features I can procure from this hacking tool before even planning to use it.

The result was truly outstanding and went just in the manner I wished it to be.

From the gems and gold, which I want to purchase, the same hacking tool gave me the chance to procure 1 million food, which is more than enough for my monster.

Other options to deal with:

The best thing, which I find about this game, is that I don’t have to download the application for using it.

I can just log online and provide my details of the gaming username and password and everything will work accordingly.

The best thing about monster legends cheat codes is that it helps in restoring my computer’s memory. As I don’t have to downloaded the tool, that helped me a lot in preventing my system from getting affected by malware, spyware and what not.

I get the chance to use my own browser while working with this hacking tool and not have to look for any secondary option.

Look for the right options:

The market is flooded with so many types of hacking tools and monster legends gems generator.

I would advise you to go through all the available options, check out their features, be aware of their pros and cons and then finally come to make a decision.

Looking for that perfect value is going to be an easy piece of cake especially if you are aware of the right spots over here.

For that, keeping your eyes open is all that you need to focus at.

How To Succeed In King Of Avalon Faster? 5 Steps To Follow

King of Avalon is a battle-based strategy game where each player needs to create their kingdom and protect it from various monsters. There are many challenges, missions, quests, tasks are added in the game for providing unlimited fun to game lovers. If you are trying to get rid of old and weak battle games, then you should try King of Avalon once. Due to its 3D graphics, one can easily feel the real construction work in addition to battle. There is no chance that a user gets bored by playing the game as it offers lots of enjoyment by its challenges.

Here we’ll discuss some practical strategies which help to enjoy the game more and reduce mental stress quickly. Also paying attention to the king of avalon dragon warfare hack, tricks, strategies permits a gamer to become a king player.

  • Tutorial

If you are a newbie, then don’t forget to learn the tutorial. Learning the tutorial appropriately helps to get aware of all game features, functions, systems, items, worlds, in addition to every single troop. If one skips the tutorial without learning anything, then it is going hard to keep progress in the game. In simple words, it is essential for every user to pay attention to the tutorial first.

  • Play events

King of Avalon organize lots of activities daily. One gamer can take participate in the event for creating a new name among other old users. Also, it helps to maintain new unbox gifts and rewards. When it comes to playing the facts, a user needs to check their status whether they are a newbie or an old user. Events begin with some specifications, which a user needs to follow for participating. Some events are organized for new users and some for old users.

  • Use dragons

Dragons are considered as a more dominant element of the game, which helps the lord to succeed in the game faster.  Try to recruit a mighty dragon in your army, which allows competing over various opponents efficiently. In other words, using the dragon appropriately permits a user to grow their kingdom much faster as possible. However, a player needs to take care of dragons and needs to choose the latest techniques for improving.

  • Finish your daily task

Don’t forget to finish the daily task as from it, you are going to obtain multiple rewards. A gamer can earn 420 activity points regularly when he/she finish up one task. We cannot say that you can make a specific amount of points as some task contains high as well as low points. If one needs to take advantage of the daily task, then they need to learn new strategies.

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  • Use exchange system

When a player gets failed to collect up enough resources to perform any task, they can quickly go for an exchange system. It helps users to refill the supplies which are available in lesser amount with a higher one. For example, if one doesn’t have enough food to train the troops and have more wood, then he/she can exchange wood for food.

A Complete Beginner Guide To War And Order – Mobile Game!


Getting bored so much? Desire to use the spare time effectively by playing games? If yes, then you must try War and Order game once to enjoy more in addition to enhancing real life skills.

The game is entirely based on war actions, defense, and creating an army to defeat rivals. It is available on both iOS and Android devices at free of cost. Yes, you don’t need to spend any cent for enjoying the battles.

One needs to train their army in order to win more battles and for becoming powerful. One cannot defeat your command if you make it more powerful.

The opponents are like Orc knights, Elf sages, dragon warriors, and another type of creatures to fight.

Follow the tutorial

Game tutorial is considered a single best way to get aware of game features, functions, and all the system. In simple words, it offers a complete overview of the game. Don’t try to skip this part as it provides you to know about different tactics in lesser time to win the battle.

Also, one can understand about different kinds of currencies used in the game to purchase the items and to perform every single task smoothly.

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Join an alliance

Join a unique coalition permits all the users to do progress in the game faster as compared to the non-alliance method. There are several cheats for war and order game like Joining an alliance also helps a user to earn free 200 gems without getting much stressed.

Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game from which battle elements can be purchased.

Alliance member will help you to build the empire quickly and strongly enough to win the battles. Watching the bird icon helps a user to know if any alliance member needs your help or not.

That permits the user to create a strong team to enjoy more.