A Complete Beginner Guide To War And Order – Mobile Game!


Getting bored so much? Desire to use the spare time effectively by playing games? If yes, then you must try War and Order game once to enjoy more in addition to enhancing real life skills.

The game is entirely based on war actions, defense, and creating an army to defeat rivals. It is available on both iOS and Android devices at free of cost. Yes, you don’t need to spend any cent for enjoying the battles.

One needs to train their army in order to win more battles and for becoming powerful. One cannot defeat your command if you make it more powerful.

The opponents are like Orc knights, Elf sages, dragon warriors, and another type of creatures to fight.

Follow the tutorial

Game tutorial is considered a single best way to get aware of game features, functions, and all the system. In simple words, it offers a complete overview of the game. Don’t try to skip this part as it provides you to know about different tactics in lesser time to win the battle.

Also, one can understand about different kinds of currencies used in the game to purchase the items and to perform every single task smoothly.

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Join an alliance

Join a unique coalition permits all the users to do progress in the game faster as compared to the non-alliance method. There are several cheats for war and order game like Joining an alliance also helps a user to earn free 200 gems without getting much stressed.

Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game from which battle elements can be purchased.

Alliance member will help you to build the empire quickly and strongly enough to win the battles. Watching the bird icon helps a user to know if any alliance member needs your help or not.

That permits the user to create a strong team to enjoy more.

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